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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Platter Of Fried Chicken, Black Beans, Greens and Curry Rice.

The more I make this fried Chicken the more I like it. The homemade version is nothing like you get anywhere.
I bought some of Albertsons flour that they use for frying their chicken, I marinate the pieces of chicken in buttermilk with the addition of a little garlic and salt and pepper. I marinate it for about three hours but I have seen recipes where they say it should be marinated overnight. I dredge it in the flour and shake off the excess but make sure that the piece is well floured. Then I start it off in some hot oil until the chicken starts to color, then turn the heat down to cook the chicken through. When the chicken is cooked it is good idea to put it on some absorbent paper and keep it in a warm oven while you are getting everything else ready. Really delicious.

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