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Friday, October 31, 2008

Medallions Of Pork On Spinach With Tomato And Chanterelles

Special effects photo.
Slices of porkloin pounded out and breaded. Tomato stewed with garlic, onion and bay leaf. Chanterelles sauteed with red onion and garlic. A big handful of raw spinach in some very hot oil and allowed to cook with seasoning and garlic.
Bread the pork with regular breadcrumbs; saute in oil and a little butter. Remove spinach from pan and lay on the bottom of the plate, spreading the leaves to the side so they will be visible. When pork is cooked lay it on top of the spinach, place the stewed tomato mix on top of the pork and the chanterelles on top of that. Brown a little butter in a pan and throw it across the medallions.,

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