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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Soup And Sandwich

Bacon, egg , tomato and mushroom sandwich. Sweet potato fries with ginger and cilantro. Goulash soup with sour cream.
The french fry is a strange animal. Much maligned and looked down on. The french fry properly made is a noble beast. The potato , you can use regular or as you can see here a sweet potato, should be cut by hand into even strips about two inches long by a half inch square. They should be washed under cold water until they are perfectly white. They should then be strained and put into a dry cloth. The oil should be heated but not sizzling, just a little under the heat you would need to fry them. The potatoes are then immersed into this hot oil and 'blanched', in other words cooked without coloring. When they are blanched they should be removed from the oil and placed on a surface that will absorb the excess fat. A kitchen towel will do. The fat should remain hot as you prepare the rest of your dish. Then as you are about to finish the preparation of the main dish you turn the heat up on the fat, put your french fries in ( very carefully) and watch them turn a crisp golden brown. Remove them with a strainer, one of those wire chinese things, rain some salt on them and serve. They will be crisp and have minimal fat. A good tip is to throw them into one of those stainless steel basins, throw a paper towel in with them and swirl them around a few times. You will have fat free delicious french fries.

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