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Thursday, October 30, 2008

French Onion Soup

This is a link I put on youtube showing how to make this soup with photos I took as I was making it.

This is the King of Soups in France and it is always popular. It has quite a history through the ages and there are a few variations on it. The one you see here is a gratinated onion soup. This is the one they will serve in restaurants. It was a staple in Les Halles before they tore it down and I had it there a lot. It was also the soup of the poor in Paris.

It was served with only broth, bread and a little cheese for workers who could afford no more than that.

It is a great soup. Often at galas in France they will serve a this soup at 4 am before people go home. It is a great tradition in Lyon where I think it is the most popular. The soup is a meal in itself and with a little salad and a glass of wine will make an evening.

The total cost for this soup which yielded 5 servings was about $4.50.; that is if you don't count the cheese. Mozarella is sold for about $3.00 a packet so that will make your cost go up.

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