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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Buffalo Wings

I love these. So named because they were created in Buffalo New York from what I hear and not from buffalo on the prairie. The sauce is very hot but softened a little by adding butter to it. One of my favorite appetizers. There are many variations on this. This one is my favorite.
These are made by deep frying the chicken wings , or drumettes in this case, and draining them of all excess fat after they are cooked. It is a good idea to put them into an abosorbant paper towel and season them slightly. You then heat up a little of Franks Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce, put the sauce in a bowl big enough to hold the chicken, add a little butter soft butter to it and melt it in the sauce. Add the hot wings, toss well and serve. Some people have celery and blue cheese. Not me! That would distract me from this great appetizer.

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OonieBird said...

Jim, I keep a list of blogs I call my "Food P*rn" ad yours is now at the top of the list! Beautiful shots and great sounding meals. Love it!