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Monday, October 27, 2008

Summer Flowers In Roseburg.

This is a short project I did for a competition last year. I didn't win of course but i enjoyed doing it.

Roseburg is a very small town. It is getting bigger but it is still small. During the winter and fall it rains a lot. The skies are overcast and the clouds are heavy and steel grey. Personally I don't mind it because the rain and the clouds bring back memories of happy times spent over Irish coffee in a remote pub in the Wicklow Hills one rainy winter’s afternoon. That was back in the day of course.
During the rains in Oregon, the greens are greener, the hills more splendid and the walks more colorful. The air is brisk.
I love the winter and fall in Oregon in general. I should really say in the Northwest.
But then... comes the summer. The air is lighter the mood easier and the smiles are all around. All of a sudden we begin to notice flowers in the city. Of course there are flowers in every city, but these flowers.... somebody puts them there. They are everywhere. They hang from buildings, they hang from lamp posts and they hang from trees. Beautiful big baskets of flowers dot the streets and the walls and the trees and the sidewalks. We know it is going to be a nice summer.

Hope you have flowers in the city too. Have you ever looked?

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