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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chicken Chasseur, Sweet Potato Mash With Crispy Bacon.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, Chicken chasseur aka cacciatore in Italian. This is a great mix of mushrooms , tomato and tarragon. The chicken is sauteed in the kind of saucepan you see here, shallots are added, sliced mushrooms are added and some chopped tarragon. The chicken is removed and white wine is added to the mix and reduced by half. The mushrooms are removed and diced tomatoes are added with a little garlic. This is cooked for a few minutes and the whole thing is seasoned. You can add just a pinch of flour here and stir it in. Then you add either stock or water and you allow to cook for a little while. Then you put your chicken and mushrooms back in to finish the dish. It is a good idea to correct the seasoning at this time and possible add just a little garlic and some more tarragon. Bring the sauce to its proper consistency add some chopped parsley for color, let sit for half an hour and serve.
The reason you take both the chicken and the mushrooms out is that if you leave them in there during the entire cooking process they will be overcooked. Always slice your mushroom very thick or they will disappear in the dish from cooking.

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