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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Perfect Fish And Chips

I hate to repeat myself but after the delicous oysters and chips of the other night, I decided to make some fish and chips. This is talapia and shrimp. These turned out to be even better than the oysters. This is an egg white and beer batter that I let proof for a good 4 hours. I put the stiff egg whites into the batter just before cooking and it puffed up , got nice and crispy and golden brown. In other words it didn't collapse. The fries are sweet potatoes with the addition of a little chopped garlic and parsley. You simply fry the potatoes as you normally would and then toss them in this mixture just before seving.
The fresh tartar sauce consists of. one part pickle, one part caper, one part onion all chopped up finely. add a little chopped garlic and seasoning a little lemon or lime juice and some chopped parsley. Mix that all together with mayonnaise and the juice of half of a lemon and you have perfect tartar sauce.
Don't use a machine to chop the ingredients, you will pulverise them. They should be chunky and crunchy.Call me old fashioned but there are certain things done better with a good sharp knife.

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EmmA Connolly said...

Superb, Some fresh turn over and your good to go. Perfect.