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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter Squash, Greens And Lentil Soup With A Green Bean Salad.

Boy was this good.

A very simple mix of collards and squash. I used butternut and pumpkin sauteed with a little onion and celery. You can use any squash you want. Add a little garlic and some lentils and you are ready. This is the basic recipe but you will need to flesh it out a little for volume. I added zucchini and tomato. Don't forget the thyme and bay leaf.

I cooked the green beans to a nice crunchiness and tossed them in some french dressing and a little fresh horseradish. Add a hard boiled egg, radishes, tomato and anything else that takes your fancy.

I used a little smoked bacon to saute the onions and I put a smoked ham hock in this for flavor. If you don't do that then this is an excellent vegetarian dish.

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