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Friday, November 21, 2008

Vegetarian Polenta Sandwich With Portabella Mushrooms And Chopped Salad.

This consists of two layers of freshly made (the night before) jalapeno polenta. This is spread on a baking sheet or similar recipient over which you have pulled some serran wrap and rubbed with olive oil. Putting it on the serran wrap allows you to mould and shape the polenta in case the pan is not a good fit.
Between the layers are , sauteed onions and peppers, portabella mushrooms, fried zuchinni and sliced tomato. It is then baked in the oven more or less like a lasagna in a tomato sauce and then served like a sandwich. The salad is just romaine with whatever you find in the fridge tossed with galic , olive oil and redwine vinegar.
It is a little crumbly so you need a good knife not to break the slices and a pie slice to lift it.


grahamer said...

i dont want to swear but that looks fooking delicious...

Anonymous said...

i love polenta, i haven't made it in years.
looks really good

James Walsh said...

Thank you Graham.

James Walsh said...

And Anonymous

A Walsh said...

Anonymous was actually me, for some reasn I wasn't signed in..
anyway, made this for dinner tonight. so good.