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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tuscan Fish Soup.

No tuscan fish soup this. This is the leftover salmon and shrimp bisque to which I added tomato, mahi mahi and scallops as well as some heavy garlic and cilantro.
This is soup week. Tomorrow a wonderful middle eastern lamb and chick pea soup with harissa.


Dor said...

Now that looks delicious

rita dowling said...

what are mahi mahi, cilantro and harissa mystery

James Walsh said...

Here is all the info Rita:
Mahi Mahi is a fish found in warm waters. We get it here from Hawaii and it is mid-range expensive. Very hardy flesh and great taste. Here is a link:
Cilantro is also called coriander in a parsley like form. It is very popular in South American cuisine. I first came across it in Brazil.
Harissa is a paste made from tomato, chili peppers flakes, garlic and olive oil to name a few ingredients. It is very hot and is used in Middle Eastern cuisine as an accompaniement to cous cous.

rita dowling said...

Thank you for this information Jim. Hope I can remember it even if cant access it. had great weekend with Queen Eileen and Phyllis here. Painful Jaws from yak yak yak..

Dor said...

Hi Rita. Remember that delicious fish we had while at the Mayo Clinic. Can you remember the name - I've forgotten. Jim may be able to give us more info on it.

rita dowling said...

sorry to cross your comment like this Jim. Hi Dor Yes I do remember the name . It was wall eye usually beer battered. Think we discovered it was a fresh water pike. Am I mistaken? Do you know Jim?