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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stuffed And Glazed Butternut Squash and Middle Eastern Soup

This was a great soup. It is thickened with roasted eggplant and finished off with a spicy ' harissa'. Not for the weak of palate but a great soup full of exotic flavors. The finishing touch is a stick of cimammon which gives it a great aftertaste. I adde some chick peas and made some garlic croutons rubbed with garlic. A great soup and the squash was a delight.


Dor said...

This meal looks delicious, but I think it's loaded with calories.

James Walsh said...

I hadn't thought about the calories but let's take a look. The squash was roasted ' as is ' in a pan with a little olive oil in a hot oven. The vegetables (green beans, tomato, Brussels sprouts, peppers and the squash flesh were all precooked and brought together with a little more olive oil and garlic etc. I think the only fattening or high calorie part about it is the cheddar cheese.
If you leave out the croutons in the soup there is little but lamb vegetables, water and a few spices.
The point is well taken though. By a process of elimination you can eat well and lower your calorie intake. If I was a little more careful I would watch the cheese ,the oil and the bread and you are right, as it is it is too high in calories.
The big thing I have with this is that it is too much food for one person and that is really a bigger problem for me than calories.
It’s hard to cook for one without eating the same thing for two days in a row or having the fridge full of leftovers. I am going to have to start inviting the neighbors in for dinner I think.

Evelyn said...

Wish I was one of the neighbours!!!!

Dor said...

Me too. Wouldn't you like to move to Germany or France? That's part of the reason why I don't cook. You end up buying and eating far too much. But it would be nice to have a neighbour who can cook so well and has lots of left-overs. Actually in the days when I used to cook, we often ate the same thing twice or three times in a row because I would make a huge pot of goulasch for example. I have no problem with doing that though.