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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Preparing Lamb Mechoui At The Pyramids Egypt 1974


grahamer said...

that's a class photo of you..

Evelyn said...

What a great picture!!
The Pyramids in the background add a dramatic touch.
You must have wonderful memories of all the places you have cooked in, (and possibly some not very nice memories?)
Notice the hand in the bottom right corner stealing a taste of the lamb.

Heather said...

Now that is a great picture!

rita dowling said...

poor lamb

Evelyn said...

Now now, Rita, you can't have your lamb and eat it.

James Walsh said...

Speaking of poor lambs:
I lived in a high rise apartment building in Cairo; I think it was on the twelfth floor. The balcony on the back side of the apartment overlooked all the other roofs of the surrounding building.
One early morning just before Ramadan, I took my coffee and walked out on to the balcony. It was a beautiful morning.
Unfortunately I picked the wrong time to go out there because they had just begun to slaughter the lambs for the upcoming Ramadan.
All the rooftops were covered in bright red blood and dead sheep. The ‘slaughterers’ all had huge curved knives in hand. It was not a pleasant sight but it was part of the tradition and the customs of the country we were in.
I have some photos of this but as usual I don't know where they are.
Our apartment building was just beside the local mosque so every morning we were treated to the Morning Prayer over the loudspeakers. Amazing now that I think of it.

rita dowling said...

Jim, Just reading your description makes me feel sick. Dont think I could ever eat lamb again if I had seen that.

James Walsh said...

It really made me sick at 7 am. A terrible sight but a different culture.

ADW said...