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Monday, April 6, 2009

Barbequed Lamb Shank, Potato Cake And Sauteed Zuchinni

For The Potatoes

2 large russet potatoes
2 tsp. fresh parsley, chopped
1 tbsp. unsalted butter, melted
Salt and black pepper
1 tbsp. canola oil
Handfull of Corn Flour or regular flower.

This potato dish is simple. It is best described as twice baked potato made into a lumpy mash and pan fried. By baking the potatoes in their skins, they develop a roasted flavor.
Wrap the potatoes in aluminum foil and bake them in a medium to hot oven. Let the potatoes cool after baking, then using a spoon, scoop out chunks of the potato flesh into a bowl. Allow to cool a little more then mix grosso modo with your hand leaving largish lumps. Season and add any herb you want. Parsley is good. Add a small amount of corn flour and mix again. Coat a surface with corn flour as if you were rolling pastry Roll potato mix out onto this surface and shape into cakes. If you are making for a few people than you can roll into a cylindrical shape and slice the cakes. Make sure the mix is well compressed so that it will stick together. Place in fridge for a couple of hours.
Make the cakes about one inch thick and I usually make them about four inches round. They are great with a little spinach and poached egg on top for breakfast as well as for a variety of uses depending on your imagination and creativity.
When ready to cook place them in a hot pan with a smattering of oil on the bottom brown them and then turn them over and finish them in the oven. Get them as brown as you want them on the first side so you don’t have to turn them again until they are finished.
To finish put a little butter in the pan just to brown and finish off the potatoes.


Evelyn said...

Looks delicious. Presume you "Barbequed" the lamb in the saucepan.
For me that is a new way to serve potato cakes. We usually have them on their own, with butter melted on top. Lovely that way, but I will try them your way the next time.

rita dowling said...

we called this in college, cooking on a bed of vegetables, "braising" is this barbequeing method the same. Think Phyllis 's " skirt" beef may be right. What memory did you dredge that from Phyllis?.well remembered.

James Walsh said...

To answer both questions together; yes I barbequed this in the pot. First browned the shank really well and roasted it with a little salt and pepper. Then I added the onions and carrots etc along with half a head of garlic, some white wine and some water.
When the shank was almost cooked I started to brush it with bbq sauce. I brushed them and put them back in the oven so that a glaze would form. When it was finally cooked I took the shank out of the pot very carefully and strained the sauce....
The potatoes are not the potato cake that we know. I just call them that to avoid having to explain but they are called "Pomme Macaire" in french and they are an old classic dish from centuries ago. We used to make them in the Savoy and they are delicious. I will put the recipe on the front.
So you are correct to say that it was braised Rita.

Evelyn said...

Thank you for that recipe Jim. I bought 3 lamb shanks this morning with the intention of asking you for the recipe and cooking them tomorrow, with Rita as a guest. Now I realize that tomorrow is Good Friday, so will have to postpone the barbequed lamb until Saturday. Can hardly wait. Thanks also for the brilliant photos. I have forwarded them to my son Jonathan who becoming a keen photographer. Love the one with the pigeon saying "kiss my *****" to the 3 cats on the other side of the glass.