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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Lamb With Braised Endives.

I love belgian endives. They are very bitter but go great with most dishes. I find they pair very well with lamb. Back in the day these would have been blanched first and then sauteed. Now we put them directly in a medium hot pan and cook them slowly until they are soft but resistant to the touch. I did very little to these but carrots and shallots can be added as can any herb and garlic. When they were half way cooked I added some white wine and finished braising them in the oven. They are not inexpensive but they are worth the money from time to time for a treat. You will certainly impress your friends.
When cooked you can also wrap them in a very thin slice of ham, cover them with cheese sauce (aka Mornay Sauce) and bake them in the oven with a final touch under the grill to glaze them. This makes a delicious dish and is a meal in itself with a nice chardonnay or Gewürztraminer and a big hunk of country bread.
From what I recall the germans do this with asparagus and I think they do it with endive too.

This plate is a little crowded but it was all delicious.

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