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Friday, April 3, 2009

If You really Want A Good Meal.

Heat up some soup that you have already made and is in the freezer, make a little tossed salad with your favorite ingredients and dressing. This one is balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil.

Bake a potato and fill it with the potato flesh when it has cooled and all the goodies you can find in the fridge that you saute and perfume with garlic and herbs. Then bake it under the grill with a little shredded cheese until it is golden and crunchy.

Finally, some good french bread and a glass of wine.

This is a great meal, you can prepare everything in advance and it is good for one, two or four people. This was good.


Heather said...

This is something I would eat. Soup, Salad, and Potato.
Looks delicious.

Dor said...

Now that is my kind of food. Heather must have picked up her eating habits from me.