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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gazpacho With Shrimp.

This is a great, refreshing and easy soup to make for the summer and very quick. I bet Mam would love this.
There are five elements to this soup:
Sweet peppers
There is also the seasoning and the tomato juice but five is an easy way to remember the recipe. You can also use V8 juice for this recipe.
You get each of these three elements in equal quantities and cut them up into smallish pieces. Put them in a bowl and add chopped garlic and salt and pepper. Pour in red wine vinegar, or a vinegar of your choice and a little virgin olive oil. Cover and marinate overnight.
Next day drain the vegetables from the marinade and run them through the machine. Add the marinade and some tomato juice until you get the consistency you want. Let the soup rest in the fridge for at least an hour and then serve with grilled shrimp/lobster/crab.
Before you serve the soup correct the seasoning, not only the salt and pepper but also the vinegar and the oil.
If you don't have any seafood then just chop up some sweet peppers and some onions and add them to the soup. I guarantee you will love this.

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