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Monday, July 27, 2009

Brazilian Caiparinha.

Finished caiparinha.

Add ice cubes, fill the glass with cachasa and stir.

Add sugar and use the pestle to crush the limes and sugar together making a syrup.

Cut the limes into smallish pieces and place in glass.

Ingredients for Caiparinha, cachasa, lime, sugar and ice cubes.

This is a great and easy to make Brazilian cocktail that has been around for a long time in Brazil but has just recently found new fame here.


Colin M. Walsh said...

In have stocked up on Cachaca for the visit. it is actually quite hard to find, and the 51 is the best. Other brands, although often more expensive are much more harsh and not as pleasent.

I have found that it is also really important that the limes be quite fresh, if not they add a bitterness to the drink.

I should also say †hat i make these more than I drink them.

grahamer said...

can you get Cachaca here i wonder? or will the fella that works in the off licence think i'm mad if ask him for a bottle??

Colin M. Walsh said...

you should be able to, int there a Brazilian population in Ireland somewhere.. I think I remember reading about it.

Colin M. Walsh said...

Found this in a newsgroup

Cachaca is similar to Rum but not the same. Its made from fermented sugarcane. McHughs Off Licence (Kilbarrack Road, Raheny and Malahide Road, Artane) stock two different varieties Cachaca 21 (Industrial Cachaca) and Germana (Artisanal Cachaca).
Also i'd be 99% sure The Celtc Whiskey store on Dawson Street stock it too

grahamer said...

thanks colin ..

James Walsh said...

Be careful with that stuff Graham. It tastes so good that it tastes like............. one more please!

grahamer said...

hahah ok jim