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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not For The Faint Of Heart

This is for the hard core anchovy aficionado. It is an old English savory dish, very popular in the sixties and I am sure before then. It was served, along with the welsh rarebit, in all the grand hotels in London.
I made a meal out of it here because I like it so much. It is not inexpensive, anchovies can run high.
It is very easy though. You just fry a piece of french bread in some olive oil. When it is still warm rub a clove of garlic over it until it is perfumed and put it aside in a warm place. Scramble three eggs or so and place on top. Criss cross the anchovies and sprinkle some capers on top and it is ready.
I made a salad with this so it turned out to be a meal. This salad here is a romaine and watercress salad with feta cheese and tomatoes and faux caesar dressing. You can do whatever kind of salad you wish. A simple tossed green salad would be nice too. You can also have this for a midnight snack with a glass of beer. It has a lot of potential.


Heather said...

Jim, your cooking always looks so great! Thank you for sending me the email.
We have to really watch what we eat as Phil has cholesterol problem. Good thing, his bad cholesterol went down.

James Walsh said...

No problem Heather. Substitute the egg with either egg whites or the eggbeaters they have on the market and make a low fat salad dressing. Then the only thing you have to worry about is the salt in the anchovies and you can easily rinse them out.

Evelyn said...

Jim. Looks great, and so easy to do. I LOOOOVE anchovies and often put them into a stew where they melt away and anchovy haters don't know that they are there.

James Walsh said...

Woman after my own heart. Do you ever make Salade Nicoise?