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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Seafood Linguinne Chez Colin

Mopped up by all and washed down with a few caiparinhas. Prepasta aperitifs and Terry planning the attack, caiparinha at the ready.


A Walsh said...

beautiful pan! where do i get one of those??

James Walsh said...

Those dishes come from a professional chef's shop in Paris called Dehellerin. Very expensive but they last forever and ever. Professional cooks go to this place for knives and tools but they also cater to the tourist and the shop is a very popular place for the serious amateur cook. I bought a complete set just before I left Paris. They require a lot of maintenance to keep them shining but they are beautiful pieces. Mine are in a packing case in Seattle. I haven't seen them for years. I have one piece here and I take a shot of it as soon as I get a minute so you can see what it looks like. Colin has a big collection and I think Terry has some too. I had them first of course.

A Walsh said...

oh, I was hoping you'd say Walmart for $9.95, I am tortured with expensive taste.