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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Non Vegetarian, Vegetarian And Spinach Stalks Provencale

Beans, greens and rice is a dish I got very fond of in Brazil and it has stuck with me. I have it in some way quite often. This time I made some curry rice and some black beans with collard greens.
I had some spinach the other day and I kept the stalks and wrapped them in foil. Today I blanched them very quickly and sautéed them in butter with chopped tomato, onion and garlic and made a fantastic vegetable side dish. I added it to the rest of the plate and each thing complimented the other.
I first saw this spinach dish done by and old french chef in Paris who had been through the war and thought it was fantastic. Still do! They can also be done a la crème.
I added some hot wings to the dish and the combination was very nice. I have cut down by 99% on meat consumption and I feel much better after a meal. Last night was the first night I have eaten meat in quite a while. I had a peppered roast beef and I felt heavy afterwards. I will be cutting down quite a bit but will not turn 100% vegetarian yet.

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