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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Tale Of Three Peppers

Out of this world. I added some extra hot curry powder to the pork mix and it fit the bill. I think the recipe for this is somewhere on the blog. I think I will need a secretary soon.
Three was a little too much so I kept the third and I will have it with a salad and some kind of special vinaigrette tomorrow.
Here is the recipe:
1 ½ lb. ground pork I large onion
I peeled carrot in largish dice
1/2 rice medium onion)Plenty of chopped parsley
Plenty of garlic chopped or crushed
½cup of fresh white breadcrumbs
Olive oilSalt and Pepper

Chop the onions up finely and cook them in the olive oil add the diced carrot at the end so it stays firm. Don’t be afraid of having too much onion because it will reduce by half. When cooked add some fresh thyme and the garlic. Put to the side and allow to cool.
Cook the rice until tender in some hot water. Strain and leave aside to cool
When onions are cool add the ground pork and mix well by hand.
Then add the rice, the breadcrumbs the parsley.
Knead this mix until it is nice and tight. You can add an egg if you want to but I never do, it make it messy.
If the mix is a little wet add more breadcrumbs.
At this point finish the seasoning and make sure you season it well because you won’t be able to correct it.
One way to check the seasoning is to take a little piece of the mix and make it into a little patty. Fry this off in a pan and you will see how the seasoning is. This is sometimes done for pates and terrines before they are cooked.
If necessary add more garlic or thyme etc etc.
Cut to bottoms off the pepper remove the innards and the stalk. Stuff them with the mix. Overstuff them because the mix will shrink when it is cooked. Put the cover on them and cook in an oven ready dish with a little water, white wine and olive in the bottom of the pan. You can throw in some thyme, carrots, celery and carrots and make your sauce from this when they are cooked.
A tomato sauce goes well with this dish.


Dor said...

Now that looks delicious. In the good old days when I used to cook, I used to make something similar. Got the recipe from a Yugoslavian lady back in the days when it was still Yugoslavia (she was actually one of the German Yugoslavs.

grahamer said...

can u email me the exact filling that goes into the peppers please..thanks