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Monday, March 30, 2009

Marinated Flank Steak.

When it is not correctly cooked, flank steak is one of the toughest pieces of beef. When it is overcooked it is inedible. This piece weighed about one pound and it was marinated in some red wine, olive oil , peppers and thyme and bay leaf for about 18 hours. It was then seared and roasted to medium rare , then left to relax for 10 minutes.
Then it was sliced into thin slices and served with cheese mash and braised cabbage. The sauce was made from the marinade.


dryfly said...

I am a big fan of flank steak, probably my favorite cut. I cook it much the same as you do, on a very hot griddle, smoke up the entire house. I don't eat it very often, it's a pretty expensive cut out here and not always available.

rita dowling said...

butchers in Ireland would be puzzled by flank steak. Never heard of it. Looks like what we call striploin. Could this be our version?

James Walsh said...

I don't know Rita. I don't remember seeing flank steak in Europe. They may call it skirt steak or something like that. It is a long way from the striploin which is a choice cut of meant and where they get their sirloin steaks from. Over here that is called a New York strip so there are different names on both sides of the atlantic for the same cut of meat and some don't exist at all. There are many french cuts that are not used over here.
The flank steak is located on the belly just under the sirloin or striploin and has to be cooked very fast and kept medium rare. Otherwise it is really like a piece of leather.

James Walsh said...

If your local butcher knows the name of the cut , or even if it exists in Ireland, please let me know.

phyllis said...

I think its called skirt steak here.