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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Individual Tarte Tatin

AKA: French apple upside down tart. The bottom photo is with espresso chocolate ice cream.
If you tell a frenchman that this is an upside down apple tarte he would probably kill you and rightly so.
This is a classic of french cuisine and not easy to make. This is not a perfect example of it but it follows the same principals. I didn't expect it to turn out so well but I will make it again and document it. Very tasty dessert indeed.


rita dowling said...

recently either saw on tv or read article (cant remember which) about origins of tarte tatin. very interesting. had not known before.

dryfly said...

I've always thought that this dish is the most appealing of all apple pies, and with vanilla ice cream, a marriage made in heaven.

James Walsh said...

even better with creme chantilly. melts into it. ony gorgeous.

grahamer said...

iv had this dish in France and its lovely..