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Friday, March 20, 2009

Plain And Simple

I did something plain and simple but the chicken was cooked to absolute perfection. It took me a while to learn how to do that. In the Savoy Hotel in London they had a carving trolley every night. It was a big silver thing on wheels and the carver was a Hungarian who prided himself on his knowledge of languages. He was even able to say hello to me in gaelic. All the roasts were done to absolute perfection. They were golden, shone under the lights and made a spectacular sight on the huge, highly polished silver trolley. They don't do things like that anymore in hotel dining rooms.
Some peas and a little mashed potato. It was almost like Sunday at home.

This chicken cost $3.05. This is one meal, tomorrow I will make a chicken and tomato sandwich with matchstick or oven fries and on Sunday I will make a big pot of chicken and tomato soup with rice. Hope nobody comes to visit or all my plans will go awry.


rita dowling said...

looks yummy. love Roast chicken. You are very lucky to be able to buy a chicken for 3$ + you could hardly buy a chicken breast for that sum here. Its proving difficult to keep the cost of the competition below 10$

James Walsh said...

There are also chickens for $8.50 and up here but I find that if you shop around for the sales and the cheaper shops you can get some good deals. Of course really that is only possible in midsized towns like this where everything is close by. There would not be much point in doing that in Seattle because any savings would be eaten up in petrol and time.
There is store here that sells veggies that are not premiere choice and you can see the difference in the product. But the prices are great. Therefore, if you know what you are doing you can pick out the best, still get a good product and save a lot of money. Some of the vegetables and the like are half the price.
Everytime I go to buy this stuff now I go to different places where I know the price is good and there are a lot of savings to be made. I think the old days in Crumlin village before there were supermarkets was a good training ground. I used to do the same thing there because there was no other way.