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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Barbequed Chicken Risotto

More photos anon


rita dowling said...

looking forward... can you have barbequed chicken without barbeque.. hope so

grahamer said...

i would have never though BBQ and risotto go together..

James Walsh said...

Neither did I Graham until I tried it. It could also be barbequed shrimp. You make both seperate and the you fold the barbeque into the rissoto.I will post the prep photos as soon as I get a minute.
I don't think you can have barbequed chicken without the barbeque Rita. That would be grilled chicken.

Aunt Kirstie said...

Your food is always such an inspiration! I am making more food myself these days and it is so satisfying. I wish I could show you the dinner I just prepared, I think you would appreciate it.

Therese said...

I want to get my teeth into this.