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Monday, March 23, 2009

Chanie Des Rotisseurs Dinner At The Renaissance Pittsburgh.

I have a collection of menus from The Savoy London and such that I will post. They are menus from the sixties and they shine a big light on how people ate in those days. I think I also have a menu from the Gresham from '61 or so.
This one is for a very special dinner in The Renaissance Hotel for a French Organisation called 'La Chaine Des Rotisseurs' which is a very renowned gastronomic society in France. This was a huge success and the talk of the town in the hotel industry in Pittsburgh at the time.
This was a wonderful evening. Everyone did their best to make this event a success and it was a great success.


rita dowling said...

did you partake of all these wines?? How were you able to produce all this gorgeous food after it?

Dor said...

Things like those old menus are very nice to have. Make sure you hang on to them. I suppose you need you house in Seattle for storage. I could do with one.

Evelyn said...

Very impressive. I was admiring the "handwriting" but on closer inspection it is a very clever font on a computer. You learn something new every day.

Therese said...

October 14th was De Valera's birthday, my head is full of useless information, dont know the