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Friday, December 19, 2008

Egg Cannelloni With Spinach, Mushrooms, Feta And Squash. Roasted Vine Tomatoes.

This one is very easy. You will need a little tomato sauce either bought or made. I think there is a recipe here for it.
Choose the vegetables you want to use and sauté them off in a little olive oil add a little seasoning and garlic of course. Let them cool in a colander to get all the moisture out of them when they are cooked. It is a good idea then to add a little chopped basil and correct the seasoning. Put them to the side in a warm place.
Depending on how many crepes you are making beat the eggs with a little milk and season. Heat a Teflon pan and add a drop of olive oil. Pour a very thin layer of the egg into the pan and make the crepe. Turn once.
Once you have everything prepared roll the vegetables in the crepes and place them on a Pyrex dish or something that will go from oven to table. Put the sauce around the cannelloni and sprinkle a little Italian cheese on top of the crepes, reheat in the oven and serve.
For the tomatoes: If you want to do these tomatoes just put them in a pan and add a few cloves of garlic and a little herb of your choice and put them into a medium oven to roast slowly. You may have to add a little white wine or water as they cook.


phyllis said...

that looks yummy, i have made this dish myself, really like it, i've never made it without meat, i will try this for Stephen, he'll love it.

Betty C. said...

Cannelloni is one of my favorites, but I'm a little lazy about preparing it -- lasagne is so much easier!