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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vegetarian Curry

Here is the recipe for the curry:
When I make curries for items that don't take long to cook like these vegetables or maybe small shrimp I make the curry sauce separate so these items don't overcook. If I make chicken or beef curry I will make the sauce and the principal meat at the same time so they cook together.
Here is how you make the sauce:
Chopped onions
Chopped tomato
Chopped celery
Olive oil
Curry powder
a little plain flour for thickening.
Bay leaf
Salt and pepper.
Slowly cook the onion in a little olive oil, half way through add the celery. Cook until nice and tender. Add the garlic and the tomato and cook a little more. Add the curry powder and the turmeric and bring all the flavors together by cooking a little longer. You should get the full aroma of the curry at this point so add more if you like your curry hot. Add a little flour at this point and cook for a minute or two. You should end up with a yellow mass in the pot. Add water or stock at this point. I always use water myself. Stir to a light sauce like consistency and allow to simmer on the edge of the stove. If it is too liquid then reduce it and conversely, too thick add liquid. I like to cook curry sauce for a while, I find it mellows the spices.
Then get all the vegetables you are going to use the only restriction is that the vegetables should have some body, cauliflower, parsnips, Yukon potatoes etc. use items that will retain their shape.
Cut all these up into fairly large pieces and sauté them off in a little olive oil just to bring out the flavors. Add seasoning and some garlic and cook for a minute with the lid on the pot.
Add the sauce without straining it and allow to cook. When it is cooked let it sit for about ten minutes or so and then serve with rice.
If you sauce is too thin after cooking the vegetables then take them out and put them in a colander and put the sauce back on the stove to reduce and thicken. Keep the vegetables warm but not too hot. You don't want them cooking too much.


grahamer said...

mmmmmm looks lovely.

A Walsh said...

OMG!! I wish I could swing by and have a bit

Evelyn said...

Hi Jim,
Your dishes look mouthwatering, but could you include the recipes?

James Walsh said...

I know Evelyn. I am terrible at writing recipes because I do everything from my head most of the time. I will try to get some done for these last few dishes. Meantime if there is something you would like just let me know and I will sit down and write it out for you.