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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sauteed Oyster Appetizer And Spanish Tortilla With Baked Potato And Tossed Greens

Spanish Omelette aka tortilla, not the mexican kind. It is like a flat omelette with all the vegetables the you desire in it. Great for an easy night with this nice tossed salad and baguette croutons you see here. The baked potato rounds the whole thing off nicely as did the couple of glasses of Beringer Chardonnay that I had with it.
The oysters were simply rolled in seasoned flour and cooked in olive oil then served on a garlic crouton with fresh lime. I rubbed the crouton with garlic to add to the flavor. This is the last of the fresh tartar sauce. Really good appetizer. I really like oysters and the variety here in the United States was very surprising to me. Oregon and Washinton seem to be the best places for oysters on the west coast.