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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sweet And Sour Pork, Ginger Rice

All I can say is ' Ony Gorgeous' in the words of Terry Girl.

1 tablespoon oil

1 green capsicum pepper finely sliced

3 oz. of sugar

1 ½ tablespoons rice vinegar

1 ½ tablespoons light soya sauce

1 ½ tablespoons ketchup

¼ teaspoon sesame oil

4 tablespoons chicken stock

3 table spoons corn flour

2 eggs lightly beaten

4 oz. corn flour

2 lb. center cut pork loin cut into cubes

Oil for deep frying

Heat a wok over high heat, add oil and swirl to coat. Add the capsicum and stir-fry for I minute. Add the sugar, rice vinegar, soy sauce, ketchup, sesame oil and stock and bring to the boil while stirring. In a separate bowl, combine the corn flour with 1 tablespoon of water and stir to form a smooth paste. Add the mixture to the sauce and bring to the boil , stirring until the sauce thickens. Remove from the heat and keep warm.

Combine the beaten egg, corn flour and 3 teaspoons of cold water in a large bowl. Add the pork and toss until well coated in the mixture.

Put enough oil in a wok to fry the pork pieces and fry them until brown and cooked. Do this in batches if necessary. Drain on paper towel. Remove the oil from the wok and wipe clean. Return the sauce the wok and heat through for about 1 minute. Add the pork, toll well to coat and serve on rice.

Adapted From one of those cheap chinese cookbooks that you find in waldenbooks. I took a few liberties with it as you should depending on your preferences.

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