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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chicken Baked In A Potato Crust. Green Beans With Bacon.

This is a very simple dish. Bone and tie a leg of chicken. Sear it in a hot pan and allow to cool in the fridge. Peel a russet potato and cut thinnish slices lengthwise. Soak them in a water with plenty of salt and a little lemon juice. They will become pliable after a few minutes. Take the chicken out of the fridge and season it well. Cover it with whatever you wish, in this case I used zucchini and tomatoes. You can also use spinach and bacon etc. etc. Season again and wrap the whole thing in the potato slices. In the meantime you have melted a little butter. You brush the butter on to the potatoes and bake in a medium oven. Finish the last 5-10 minutes with the broiler on to give the potatoes a final color.
You can use just about any sauce. Here I used a little butter and shallot cream sauce.


Terry Walsh said...

oo la la, outstanding. is that bacon and tomato with the string beans?

James P. Walsh said...

Yes it is. Great dish this was.