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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Skirt Steak Diane With Dijon Mustard, Brussels Sprouts, Mushrooms And Tomato Gratin.

This is a variation on the old classic ' Minute Steak Diane' from the pre nouvelle cuisine period. Normally the steak is pounded and quickly sauteed in butter. Then some chopped shallots are added with a little lemon juice , chopped parsley and Worcester sauce. The sauce is then poured over the steak and served. I added a little white wine and some dijon mustard.
This dish was always cooked in the room by the restaurant manager. This doesn't happen any more thank god and everything is prepared in the kitchen as it should be. There was however a touch of romance about the fact that the guest was fussed over at his table. The only problem was the inconsistency of the dish depending on the skill of the person preparing it.
The sprouts here are blanched then sauteed with the mushrooms and a little bacon and onion. I added a chopped raw tomato and seasoned the whole thing. Then I added the bechamel sauce with a little cream and some cheese, put it into a gratin dish and glazed the whole thing. It was delish.

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