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Monday, October 26, 2009

Simple Pot Roast Dinner

Maybe not so simple.
This is a piece of beef that was perfect for braising. It could have had a little more fat in it but I compensated by studding it with garlic cloves. Then I marinated it in red wine for about two days. I added vegetables, also known in the trade as ' Mirepoix' with some garlic and herbs. This adds flavor to any piece of beef or pork no matter what the cut or quality. After it marinated I drained the wine off and braised it in the usual manner using the vegetables and wine from the marinade in the cooking process.
The carrots are also known as ' Carrot Vichy ' which is a classic in the french culinary repertoire. You make this dish by peeling and slicing the carrots. I used a channel knife on these for presentation but it is not necessary really. You then cover them with water and add sugar , butter and a little salt and bring them to the boil. Cook on a medium heat until al dente then remove them from the liquid. Reduce the liquid until you get a concentrated finish of butter and carrot juice. Then return the carrots to the pot and finish cooking. You will end up with intensely flavored , shiny carrots which are perfect for both taste and presentation. Add a little chopped parsley.
The mash here is a celery root mash with bacon bits and chopped scallions.


Anonymous said...

The pot roast sounds wonderful and I would love those carrots for sure, delicious dinner!

grahamer said...

id love to have the balls to try something like this

Colin M. Walsh said...

Jim, this is fantastic, i love the explanations and method. Really adds to the blog and separates a recipe from a true learning experience. I think I will make this for Sunday dinner this week. It looks so very good.

James P. Walsh said...

This is a great dish and not that difficult to make. Great for the winter time.