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Friday, October 23, 2009

Cocotte Of Chicken With Oregon Chanterelle Mushrooms And Savory Braised Potato.

This was delish but from a presentation point of view a disaster. Everything is the same color and the plate is overcrowded. However it is a little touch of cuisine bourgeoise and that was OK in those days.
We are in the Oregon Chantrelle season at this time of year and although they are expensive at $10.00 a pound you only need a few. This is a chicken cooked in a pot or a small cocotte with the chanterelles and a chopped shallot then finished with wine wine and cream.
The potatoes were particularly good. I peeled a large baker and cut it into thick slices. Every few slices has a slice of raw onion or raw tomato with a couple of bay leaves for good measure. Some chopped garlic over the top with a few cloves of garlic and peppers thrown in then cover 3/4 of the way up with white wine, stock or water and olive oil. Don't forger the salt and pepper. Braise in the oven till done. This potato will go with anything.


Karine said...

I heart chanterelle mushrooms! Your dish sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing :)

James P. Walsh said...

Thank you for visiting Karine.