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Friday, August 21, 2009

Grilled Chicken, Romaine Wedge With Homemade Ranch And Potato Bacon Salad.

What can I say? Ony Gorgeous. This was really good.
Ranch Dressing
Ingredients:1/4 cup of mayonnaise1/2 cup of sour cream1/2 cup of buttermilk1/4 cup of chopped cilantro1/4 cup of freshly squeezed lime juice1 clove of garlic, crushed1 Serrano pepper, finely diced1 teaspoon of chopped fresh chives1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepperSalt and black pepper to tasteMethod:Mix all the ingredients together and let chill for an hour.Makes 1 cup, keeps for a week in the refrigerator.Notes: I like my dressing on the thinner side, so if you prefer it thicker use 1/2 cup of mayonnaise. And if you don't want it to be so spicy, feel free to omit the Serrano or substitute a jalapeno pepper instead. Also, you can use parsley instead of cilantro

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