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Monday, September 27, 2010

Lettin' On Dublin Coddle

This is a take on the real Irish Dublin Coddle. It us usually made with pork sausages and bacon. I used bock wurst here and cheated a little bit. It was very good all the same.
This is a variety of vegetables , usually root vegetables plus cabbage, onion  and leeks that are boiled with thick slices of Irish bacon and Irish pork sausages. You add a good sprig of fresh thyme and some bay leaf and let simmer for a good 45 minutes or until the vegetables are cooked. This is one dish that benefits from a little chicken stock or a cube because the cooking time is relatively short.
Season well and let stand for another half hour on a warm part of the stove to allow the flavors to combine. Sprinkle with a good helping of freshly chopped parsley and you have the making of of a great meal. Goes well with a pint of Guinness .
Bottom picture is an old kitchen method for adding bay leaf, thyme and pepper to a dish without having to pick them out when the dish is cooked. I don't know if people ever use this. If you don't have leeks then you can use a muslin cloth and just discard it when it is time to serve the dish.

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