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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hungarian Goulash, Potato Garlic Dumplings

There is a recipe for goulash somewhere on this blog. I make it quite often.
As for the dumplings.
I boiled 3 medium baker potatoes and then strained them. I then riced them with my potato ricer and dried them out very well in the original pot on the stove.
Then I put them in a bowl and allowed them to cool a little before adding roughly one third the volume in flour and some cornstarch then kneaded it all together very well. It should be softer than a pastry dough and should not stick to your hand. Then I made a small dumpling and poached it in some simmering water to see if the texture and mix were right.
As soon as I saw that it was going to work I added chopped garlic and chopped parsley and seasoned. Then the dumplings were formed and put in the fridge to settle for five to ten minutes.
Finally I poached them in some rolling slightly salted water. You will know when they are cooked because they rise to the surface.
When finished, drain the dumplings and add them to the dish you are going to use them in (just on top of the sauce) so that they gather flavor. Leave them for a little while and serve.
These dumplings are big in Germany.


grahamer said...

i had this when i was in Budapest but yours looks better

sarımsak hapı yorumları said...

All meals are rich in vitamin a garlic flavor and adds a natural antibiotic and he is good in my swine flu