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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Korean Fried Chicken / Sweet Potato Fries

This is a nice little variation on the southern fried chicken. The chicken itself is prepared as for regular fried chicken. I marinated this for about half an hour in a little lime juice and garlic along with some salt and pepper. I then added a coating of half cornstarch and half flour. Then I tossed the chicken in this mix and fried it on a fast heat to begin and them on a lower heat to finish it off.
In a separate bowl I mixed half ketchup and half Chinese chili paste. To that i added the same amount of sugar and a generous helping of chopped garlic as well as fresh lemon juice , salt and pepper. Then I fried my sweet potatoes.
Then I refried the chicken in a hot fat to make it nice and crispy. Then toss the chicken into the bowl with the sauce and mix well. Served sprinkled with sesame seeds and the sweet fries.


EmmA Connolly said...

Hello Fried chicken, and oooh sweet potato fries, iv never had those before gonna try them..Looks so yummy

Terry Walsh said...

This has become a staple and a guilty pleasure at my house. I'm trying to keep it down to once a week.