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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spicy Gambas, Cappellini, Fresh Tomato Sauce And AsparagsTips

I think cappellini is just another word for angel hair pasta although and Italian would probably find a difference.
This dish is just the pasta in a fresh tomato sauce with a 'clean out the fridge' assortment of mushrooms, peppers etc. You can use anything you want as long as it goes with the dish.
The shrimp were marinated in chili flakes ( you can use something else like lime and cilantro, garlic and olive oil ) I like spicy. Once all the components are ready you just keep them warm and then arrange them tastefully on a warm plate and finish it off with a little grated Romano cheese.
Important to remember not to rinse the pasta when you take it out of the boiling water. Just strain it and put it into your sauce. It makes all the difference because the sauce coats the pasta better if you don't refresh it.
If you work this well the only things you will have to buy are the shrimp and asparagus, about $4.00. You can use any kind of pasta and the rest of the stuff should be on hand in the kitchen anyway. It is hard to go wrong with this type of dish.