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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baked Potato And Bacon Soup

This is self explanatory as you can see. You chop up some onions, saute them off in bacon bits while the potatoes are baking. You then take the flesh from the potatoes and add them to this mix after crushing them. Add a little garlic and and a dusting of flour then some stock or water and allow to cook for 30 mins. or so. The mix gets a little thick so milk should be added before serving and also a little cream and chopped chives. This is a great winter soup and a very cheap one.
You should also add some thyme and bay leaf during the cooking as with all soups.


Stacia said...

About how much stock did you add?

James Walsh said...

Hi Stacia
It is always touch and go with potatoes because they differ in consistency and size. As a thumbnail measure I would say that a regular sized potato would take about two to three pint of stock. It will thicken as it sits (such is the nature of the potato) and you can thin it down with a little fresh milk and then finish it off with a little cream. The trick is not to make it too thin, so always let it sit for a good fifteen minutes so you can get a good idea of the eventual consistency.
If you are going to freeze it then don’t bother about the milk and the cream just put the stock in and then when you are ready to use it heat it up in the micro wave and then add the milk and cream. The soup I had tonight was made about a month ago and it was still delicious. Here is a general recipe that I have adapted to home use.
3-5 lb. potatoes baked and diced
1 med. onion, chopped
I head of garlic
8 slices bacon, very crisp
1/2 gal. milk
Salt & pepper to taste
Bake the potatoes. Allow to cool then peel and cut them into cubes.
Cut the bacon into slices and sauté them in the pan where you will make the soup. Chop and add the onions. Peel, chop and add the garlic as well as a couple of bay leaves and some fresh thyme. Add the potatoes to this mix and allow the flavors to mingle for a couple of minutes. Add a handful of flour as a binder and mix in well then add the stock until a soup like consistency is achieved. Put into slow cooker and cook for about an hour. Season with salt and pepper.
When cooked remove from slow cooker or pot and bring the soup to the desired consistency with milk and a little cream to finish it off. Add chopped parsley and serve.
Given the nature of potatoes you will need to judge the proper consistency yourself. Remember you can always thin this soup down but it is a lot of work to thicken it. If by chance you have made it too thick then make some mashed potatoes and add it to your finished product.

Colin M. Walsh said...

cant wait to make this.. It is Joanne's fav.... I'll let you know how it works out.