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Friday, May 22, 2009

My New Scales And 10 lb. Can Of Dijon Mustard.

This is my new scale. Normally I don't use a scale because I weigh most things by hand to the nearest 1/2 ounce. This will help me with rice and pasta and things like that and probably save a little bit of money. A great deal at $50.00 and most useful for the serious amateur cook.
Next to it is my almost 10 lb. can of Dijon mustard. It is hard to find such luxuries in a small town like Roseburg and the nearest place I can find it is Eugene which is sixty miles away. When I do find it is usually in the region of $7-$9 for a sixteen ounce jar. I got this from a hotel supplier in Seattle for $16.00. I love Dijon mustard and the dishes you can make with it. Don't you wish you were in the business?


Evelyn said...

That scale looks good. It would be nice to be able to measure a quarter of an ounce accurately for things like gelatine where a bit too little or too much can make such a difference.

Therese said...

I was driving in Dijon last week, not a relaxing experience, lovely city though.

James Walsh said...

Lyon happens to be one of my favorite cities in France. My girlfriend, a very serious french girlfriend called Cathy, lived in Lyon. We had met in Africa where she was a nurse. We both left Abidjan at the same time but she went to Lyon and I went to Nice. I would travel up the coast as often as I could to see her in Lyon. A few years later I moved to Paris and I would travel from Paris to Lyon, where she still lived, every week in the train. The point of this little anecdote is that when the train pulled into the railway station in Dijon I knew I was halfway to my destination. I have never been to the city of Dijon but I know the train station very well.
I loved those weekly trips. I would get the 12.30 am train from Paris and arrive in Lyon just in time for breakfast at 7am and then have two days of restaurants, cinema, bookstores etc. etc. Great times indeed!