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Monday, August 27, 2012

Claude Patry/ Jacques Lang

This is my good friend Claude Patry with the French Minister of Culture Jacques Lang. This photo was taken on the 3rd of March 1986.
I worked with Claude in Egypt in 1974 and we later got to now each other in Paris in the late 70's. I worked with him in Roger Verge's restaurant ' Le Moulin de Mougins' and stayed with him and his future wife when I was there.  I was at his wedding, we ate in Paul Bocuse's restaurant with his parents and my girlfriend at the time. If only I could find the photos. We were two of a group who stayed in touch over all these years even though our paths have gone in different directions.
Were we a stable of racehorses Claude would be the ultimate thoroughbred. He has a pedigree from all the finest restaurants in France. He even worked for Bocuse before he was well known and he has the photos to prove it.

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