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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carne Assada/ Black Beans/ Tomato Rice

This is one of my favorite dishes. A marinated finely slided piece of rump steak served with black beans that have cooked for six hours and some rice. This is the quiet national dish of Brazil and of many south American countries in some form or another. There is a little story about my love for this and I will try to set it out in the next few day. In the meantime, get some carne assada, some beans and some rice along with a little salad and some beer and enjoy life.


Stacia said...

My partner and I just had this dish locally at a new place that serves Florribean and similar cuisine. I only wish they had paired it with tomato rice, too. Looks divine.

Tomie said...

Que saudades do delicioso prato de arroz com feijào e carne!!