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Monday, January 19, 2015

Some Nice People I Have Met Along The Way.

Eric Clapton: We made him English food during hit stay while he did a concert in Seattle. He came to thank me one day in the kitchen and sent me this autographed program

Liza Minelli. I met her in Presidents Ford's house. A very pleasant lady.

Al Martino: He stayed in the hotel in Pittsburgh and we became friends. He told me all about his time in the Godfather. He sent me this signed picture from his home in Philadelphia. Very thoughtful of him.

Tony Bennet: Stayed in the hotel in Palm Springs. We made him special low fat Italian food and he came to the ballroom to sing for us. The perfect gentleman. There is a long story to this but it will be for another time.

Paul Bocuse: Worked with him in Denver, Met him in Lyon, and did a Paul Bocuse week in Palm Springs. We got on really well together and he very much appreciated all the efforts we made to make the week a huge success.

Madame Sadat: I already knew her from her visits to the Meridien in Cairo. She came to the hotel in Pittsburgh and she asked for me. We took really good care of her. She sent me this personalised photo of her and her late husband

Patrick Kennedy: He attended an event in one of the hotels I worked in. We had a long chat seeing as were both of  Irish descent.

Roger Verge: One of the most pleasant 3 star michelin chefs. I had worked with him in his restaurant in Mougins. He later came to do a special Provencal Weekend in Palm Desert. The general manager of the hotel a certain Mr. Anthony Stewart - Moore was extremely supportive of this venture.

The Iron lady herself : She came to do a lecture at the hotel and was kind enough to allow me to pose for a photo with her and sign the menu for the occasion.

A longtime fan of Frank Sinatra: It was thrill when he came into the kitchen in Palm Springs when he was there for a fund raiser. He didn't speak to me but his eyes met mine when he walked in. That was enough for me. He sent me this photo from his house in the desert .  I later saw him in concert a few times.
I got the top photo from him when he was in London in 1968 at the Royal Festival Hall.

Sufar Ray Leonard: Came to a  boxing tournament in a casino I was working in. Great fun !

Oliver North at the height of notoriety.

Wolfgang Puck Palm Springs 1991.

Michael Feinstein Palm Desert 1990.

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