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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Overlake Golf And Country Club Medina Washington

The Culinary Crew at the opening of the Overlake Golf Club in Medina Washington. This turned out to one  of the best Golf Club dining rooms in the state. The staff was wonderful, enthusiastic and so eager to learn something other than the old tired food that is so common in country  and gold clubs. When I first talked to them about coming up and redoing the menus for what was to be a new clubhouse based on quality  of food and service.
The original General Manager left a few months after opening for some reason and I ran the place until they got a new General Manager.  After about six months they found one . Unfortunately the one they got was a jealous, vicious little pig who could not stand me and was about to bring the place to it's knees .  It would be unfair to blame him entirely although he did relish his role. The real culprits were the board of Directors who allowed this idiot to destroy the place. He was afraid I was going to take his job away from him although nothing was further from my mind. He started spreading rumours and turning people against one another.  A typical coward. It's a typical story and I have seen it many times.  

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