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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Navy Bean, Butternut Squash And Okra Soup

If you learn nothing else in life, learn how to make a good soup. There's atin' and drinkin' on it.
This is a variation on a soup I found on an excellent blog.
For the original recipe go to this link.


Tomie said...

Hi Jim today I cooked this soup and I put white beans, onions, celery and pumpkin. I had this soup before and was very good nice sweet. What I cooked today wasn't so sweet.... Could you tell me where I went wrong?

James P. Walsh said...

I don't know Tomie. It could be the pumpkin which is usually sweet and maybe the one you bought was not high in sugar content. I don't like sweet soups. Pumpkin and carrot et al has a high sugar content. I usually add a little vinegar when I make soups and the then burn it off to counter the sweetness.