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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Filet Of Alaskan Cod With Grapes / AKA ' Veronique'.

Very old classic french recipe created by Escoffier in London in honor of the Operetta ' Veronique'. This dish is rarely seen these days and is mostly forgotten or done under some other name. It was a very popular dish and on all the menus in London in the 60's / 70' s. Many an hour was spent peeling grapes by us lowly apprentices. It was terrible job because the juice and water would roll down your sleeve and make your forearms very sticky and uncomfortable. We couldn't wait for the day when we would be able to tell someone to peel a case of grapes when we got older.
As you can see the grapes are peeled and poached in white wine, they are then added to the fish of your choice and braised in white wine and fish stock or water. When the fish is braised it is removed along with the grapes and kept warm. The stock is then reduced to dry and then a little cream is added and reduced to a sauce- like consistency. It is then ladled over the fish and grapes and served.

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