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Monday, February 4, 2008

Short bio of Me

Born in Ireland . Traveled for many years across the globe and finally ended up here in Oregon and the Northwest. I love this area and although I have been in many capitals of the world , this is where I feel I belong. I arrived in the US in the early 80's from Paris France. I first arrived in Houston and really did not like it too much. I was headed back to europe and then possibly to Bangkok but I got a call from a company in Seattle. At the time I didn't even know where Seattle was in the United States, so ignorant was I of the country. I had always been a great Francophile and wasn't really interested in staying here so I never made much of an effort to familiarise myself with the geograpy of the country. When you are in Paris all other destinations pale in comparison. Anyway, I went to Seattle and immediately felt at home. How many places can you say that about?
Although I have also worked in New York, Pittsburgh,Denver, Palm Springs and Orcas Island off the coast of Washington, I always seem to end up back in the Northwest.

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